Rockville, MD, USA - July 30, 2013

The XF Rendering Server 2013 has been updated! As we continue to strive to put forth the most effective technology available, we are pleased to announce several new features and performance enhancements. Most notably, we have added functionality that allows for the generation of interactive HTML5 documents through our EOS platform.  This provides the ability to drastically enhance your customers’ experience with the communications you produce, as users have the ability to customize how they view and engage with documents!

The update to the XF Designer 2013 includes many new features and updates, including the ability to import multi-page PDF’s as background images for form overlays. This makes it easier to create the fully customized templates your organization needs with speed and ease!

The below example shows how users can import multiple pages into the designer and have unique page sets created for each one.

New Features for the XF Rendering Server 2013

  • Interactive HTML5 documents can now be generated through Ecrion EOS using the HTML5 Add-On.
  • Implemented fo:last-line-end-indent property.
  • Implemented the ability to specify multiple xf:stylesheet elements in the same document.
  • Implemented external destination on bookmark tree for PDF Output.
  • Implemented display:inline-block property for HTML Input.
  • Added the option to enable text kerning in AFP Output.
  • Implemented a cache for images and DTDs with HTTP URL.
  • Added support for system fonts on AIX.
  • Improved typography for complex scripts Arabic and Hebrew by applying optional ligatures.
  • Improved line breaking rules for CJK(East Asian languages) text.
  • Implemented error codes in QR Barcode.
  • Added the option to remove transparency from objects and discard fully transparent objects.
  • Added support for referencing external SVGs inside an SVG graphic, using xlink.
  • Implemented EBCDIC codepage(00500) for usage with AFP Output convert to raster text option.
  • Implemented the ability to specify AFP NOP from DAL overlay.
  • Added the option to embed fonts in PPTX Output.
  • Added support for extension xf:tab in Word Output.
  • Optimized PRN Output size.
  • Improved fo:float, it now works in tables with layout auto.
  • Made a number of improvements to TXT Output.
  • Added the install option to install side by side or upgrade.
  • Multiple miscellaneous bug fixes.

New Features for the XF Designer 2013

  • Improved speed for applying bold and inline for blocks of text.
  • Improved speed for XFD template with xfd:field and fo:inline creation.
  • Added support for importing multiple page pdf forms as background images for form overlays.
  • Fixed issues with Expression Editor.
  • Fixed issues with inserting Google maps.
  • Multiple miscellaneous bugs and fixes.

More Information

Ecrion provides top of the line solutions for XML based workflows, including conversion of XML to PDF, Postscript, AFP and more using open standards like XSL-FO and SVG.

Our server product, XF Rendering Server 2013 is a leap forward in XML document formatting technology. Built to take advantage of today's multi-core/multi-processor hardware, the engine can process the largest XML documents at a sustained rate of thousands of pages per minute.

The input data can be supplied as XML or it can be retrieved from any data source using Ecrion Data Agregation Server.

This data is formatted using templates designed in XF Designer 2013, a standards compliant WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual software. Because XF Designer is easy to use, it is preferred by both technical and non technical users.