A Unified, Innovative Approach to Designing Data, Dashboards, and Professional Document Templates

Ecrion is proud to announce the arrival of the Ecrion Design Studio, a comprehensive suite of highly functional design applications built to simplify the creation of essential components that drive mission critical document production and BI analysis. In the spirit of continually striving to provide our customers with the best solutions available, the Ecrion Design Studio brings together three invaluable design applications -- the Data Modeler, BI Architect, and Publisher-- to empower users to create productive data schema, stunning data-driven dashboards, and professional document templates all via a centralized, intuitive, user-friendly suite.

Key Benefits

At Ecrion, we want to empower our clients with every tool available to enhance each part of the document automation process, as well as introduce ways to save users time and make their work easier and more productive. We understand that great documents are comprised of more than appealing color schemes and fonts – great documents start with clean, organized data and are powered by intelligent business insights. The intuitive, user-friendly applications in the Ecrion Design Studio allow current and future clients to visually show data organization and BI findings to stakeholders company-wide as easily as they render quality documents, adding tremendous value to any organization:

  • Easily construct complex data maps connecting multiple data sources to generate a clean, uniform output using a visual, drag and drop interface
  • Create appealing, data-driven document templates and professional communications, incorporating static and dynamic content, conditional logic, advanced charting and barcodes, reusable content blocks and more
  • Quickly and easily design intelligent, data-rich dashboards with integrated BI widgets, charts, graphical visualizations, and more, for powerful, in-depth interpretation and analysis

Built with clients' needs in mind, this innovative tool is built to help technical and business users alike save time and simplify processes. Each application is built on open standards-based technology and features an easy-to-learn design environment, optional code-free designing, and full drag and drop capabilities – all designed to make it easy to build the powerful solutions business demands.

Ecrion Design Studio Features

  • Data Modeler: Use a visual, logical interface with drag and drop capabilities to quickly connect to any database or source (SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Web Services, Excel, text files, Hadoop, XML – even custom data sources) and map, retrieve, and process data into one uniform output to generate dynamic documents and BI activities that meet today's business demands.
  • Publisher: Create intelligent, professional document templates using a visual design interface that combines static and dynamic content and incorporates conditional logic, multiple languages, repeated elements, charts, graphs, e-signature capabilities, and much more, resulting in faster, easier high quality, mass production outputs. 
  • BI Architect: Design custom BI Dashboards containing hundreds of features such as widgets, charts, graphs, and optional advanced forecasting and cluster algorithms to visualize, filter, analyze, isolate, and interpret enterprise data, effectively and efficiently maximizing valuable information for insight and analysis. 

Added Value for Clients across Industries

With clients’ needs in mind we have brought together the best of the best of document automation design tools. Employing these user-friendly, streamlined and improved design applications together allow businesses to produce smart, appealing documents based upon intelligent, organized data. The Ecrion Design Studio provides you with a faster, enhanced way to utilize data and BI analysis to produce stunning, data-rich documents for your target audience.