Rockville, MD, USA - July 09, 2010


Ecrion Software, Inc. a leading provider of multi-channel publishing solutions for top companies all around the world, has unveiled new features for XF Designer 2010 and XF Rendering Server 2010.

This latest version includes new speed and scalability optimizations, a new output format (EPUB), a simplified way to work with complex page layouts and more.
XF Designer is an easy to use Layout Designer, suitable for both technical and non-technical users. The templates created in XF Designer can be used to generate PDF, Postscript, AFP, Silverlight, EBooks and other output formats from XML data. 

XF Rendering Server is a leap forward in XML document formatting engines. Built to take advantage of today’s multi-core/multi-processor hardware, this formatting engine can process even the largest XML documents at a sustained rate of thousands of pages per minute. 

Ecrion EOS (Enterprise Output System) is a high volume document production solution that runs on top of XF Rendering Server and Data Aggregation Server. Designed to simplify the production flow of complex publications, EOS includes a versionable repository for template management, job scheduling and unlimited ways to integrate with existing back-end systems.

XF Designer 2010 release notes

  • You can now use XML schemas (XSD files) as a data source for your document templates, in addition to XML and DAX (Data Archited Diagrams) files.
  • XF Designer can now work transparently with a EOS repository.

XF Rendering Server 2010 release notes

  • Merging multiple inputs (XSL-FO, WordML, TIFF, PDF, etc) is now possible in AFP output in addition to PDF and Postscript. In addition, using DAL (Digital Assembly Line) will bring a complete set of features for applying watermarks, OMR marks and re-writing headers and footers.
  • The Management Console was updated with a new user interface.
  • Custom mappings of AFP fonts is now accessible via the Management Console.
  • Miscellaneous improvements include widows/orphans improvements, the ability to annotate PDF documents with RDF metadata and more.