Rockville, MD, USA - March 12, 2011

With the new XF Rendering Server 2011, we improved the scalability and performance of the rendering engine in very high usage scenarios. The new engine can easily scale to 1000s of parallel threads on 64 bit architectures.
We've also added enhanced support to render text using OpenType fonts that have complex features such as mark-to-mark, mark-to-ligature, contextual substitutions, CCMP composition/decomposition and more. This feature is especially important for complex Unicode scripts, including Hebrew and Arabic.

XF Designer 2011 can now use standard CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets) files. This allows users to apply consistent formatting with a single click:

New Features for XF Designer 2011

  • CSS Styles - Documents can now be styled using standard CSS files.
  • SVN Plug-In - Basic SVN actions such as Commit, Update, Revert and more can now be performed from within the Designer.
  • Row Groups - Group table rows using the new Group feature.
  • The new Printing Options dialog lets you select input/output tray or duplex printing using values from your XML input.
  • Phone Number and Custom Field Formats - Fields can be formatted as a phone number; in addition, custom formatting can be applied (for example to properly display Social Security Numbers).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

New Features for XF Rendering Server 2011

  • CSS support - You can style your XSL-FO documents and XFD templates using standard Cascaded Style Sheets.
  • Arabic and Hebrew scripts improvements
  • TEXT output is now supported.
  • AFP indexing - Page and Page Group indexes are generated when using the tagging extensions.
  • Maxicode Barcodes are now supported
  • The Linux version has support for Debian (.deb) packages, Server Templates as well as HTTP and HTTPS graphics.
  • Table Height 100% - tables can be resized automatically to fill the available page height.
  • Multiple bug fixes and scalability optimizations. In particular, the 64 bit server can scale to 1000s of parallel threads.

More Information

Ecrion Software Inc. provides top of the line solutions for XML based workflows, including conversion of XML to PDF, Postscript, AFP and more using open standards like XSL-FO and SVG.

Our server product, XF Rendering Server 2011 is a leap forward in XML document formatting technology. Built to take advantage of today's multi-core/multi-processor hardware, the engine can process the largest XML documents at a sustained rate of thousands of pages per minute.

The XML is formatted using templates designed in XF Designer 2011, a standards compliant WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual software. Because XF Designer is easy to use, it is preferred by both technical and non technical users.