Rockville, MD, USA - February 24, 2009


The latest XF Designer features improved handling of large templates, full undo support and Silverlight output.

XF Designer is an easy to use, document template designer. The templates created in XF Designer can be used to generate PDF, Postscript or more from XML data. You can use for this purpose either XF Rendering Server (Standard, Enterprise or Ultrascale), or any other XSL-FO compliant rendering engine.

The new designer is now using a new high performance layout engine to achieve on the fly WYSIWYG editing of the most complex templates.

  • A new redesigned Property bar allows you to change attributes for all objects in your template.
  • You can edit your templates in design or text mode; comments made in text mode are now preserved.
  • A new "Optimize" command is now available to reduce the size of your templates.
  • A simplified Pagination module is now in place; it provides easy access to defining new page types for cover pages, even and odd pages, etc.