Rockville, MD, USA - December 18, 2007

We are pleased to announce the release of XF Rendering Server 2008, available for download now.

The main new features available for XF Rendering Server are:

  • Professional publishing features including support for complex page layout and pagination, color profiles, RGB, CMYK and spot colors, vectorial drawings and complete typesetting control
  • The new option of saving documents in the PDF/A Format. PDF/A is an ISO Standard created to address companies’ business needs for long-term preservation of PDF records.
  • Tagged PDF support for accessibility
  • Capability to manipulate the PDF input and produce high standard output files, which can be opened and edited in most applications (office software, publishing systems etc.); PDF encryption

Ecrion’s XF Designer also registered several improvements. In particular, improvements in Pagination Support, Page layout Support and Navigation Bar. Also available are the new templates for designing your documents and the ability to have user-defined table templates.