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With the explosion of communication devices in the past decade, organizations use omnichannel engagement to stay on top of all the channels used by customers; print, email, SMS/text messaging, and social media are all ways in which customers exchange communications. In many cases, messages have to be tailored to the channel that is used for communication. This is where omnichannel engagement comes in. A text message notification must be succinct, while a printed statement should be quite detailed. Most of the time, customer communications happen on multiple channels simultaneously. For example, when an invoice is issued, it must be delivered by post or email according to customer preferences and a text message notification might need to be sent as well. With omnichannel engagement, these individual tasks can be easily accomplished as part of our Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution.

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Improve Engagement

Organizations that implement omnichannel delivery aim to improve engagement. They realize that different customers have different preferences for communication. Just as some customers prefer to communication via email, text messaging, or social media, some would still rather receive print correspondence via mail.

Increase Revenue

Engaged customers spend more, which is why properly implemented omnichannel communications can increase revenue. Engaged customers are also excellent brand advocates, and more likely to try new products.

Reduce Costs

When companies use omnichannel communications delivery, they’re able to reduce or eliminate the costs associated with printing and postal delivery.

Streamline Operations

Omnichannel engagement supports streamlined operations through communications delivered in a more agile fashion in real time, throughout the entire customer journey.

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Deliver personal and relevant communications across print and digital media channels that are engaging and scalable. Leverage your existing infrastructure investment to deliver a consistent brand experience across the different touchpoints that can build trust and boost loyalty over the entire customer lifecycle.

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