On-Demand Communications

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Agile Engagement in Real-Time

On-demand communications are a paradigm shift in the production of personalized documents in real-time. While most businesses still employ batch communications as part of their transactional document production, usually as part of monthly billing cycles, on-demand communications have become increasingly popular, thanks in part to advancements in cloud technologies. Autoscaling and leveraging cloud resources elastically provide businesses with the flexibility needed to handle intensive activities (including billing) in real time.

Why are On-Demand Communications Gaining in Popularity?

Traditionally, high-volume communications such as invoices, letters or statements have been produced in set cycles, for example at the end of the day or twice a month. Many businesses, however, feel that the pace of change is accelerating and a more flexible way of generating documents is needed in order to match changing business processes or customer needs.

This more agile way of producing documents is an integral part of the Ecrion platform for customer communications management.

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Key Benefits on On-Demand Communications

omnichannel delivery

Reduce Costs

While the Ecrion solution provides support for all traditional delivery options (such as print and postal delivery), rebalancing your communications strategy to use digital delivery when possible will result in reducing costs. Omnichannel delivery is a standard feature of the Ecrion platform and enables you to deliver on a variety of channels simultaneously, including print, SMS/text messaging, and email in a single batch run, according to customer preferences.

Increase Revenue

For years, on-demand communications have been considered just the cost of doing business. Lately, organizations have been leveraging their on-demand correspondence, billing, and invoicing to promote additional products and services. Technologies such as trans promo and interactive documents are not only efficient at generating revenue, but create better customer engagement. Engaged customers are your best customers: they spend more, are excellent brand advocates, and are more likely to try new products.

Streamline Operations

On-demand communications can be delivered in real time throughout the entire customer journey. These multi-channel communications are not only more engaging, but can also reduce the strain on your hardware resources. Modern on-demand communications using digital documents empower self-service, reducing call center time while increasing customer satisfaction.