Visual applications for a new age in communications

The EOS Design Studio provides the advanced functionality to create both traditional documents and modern, fully interactive communications. Built for business and technical users alike, the EOS Design Studio provides a comprehensive design model, from raw data to presentation. Business users can work in an Office-like environment and use their domain knowledge to design reports and interactive BI dashboards. At the same time, technical users can have full access to the underlying model and are able to include complex conditional logic and calculations.

Visual Layout Templates

Create beautiful, dynamic documents from any data source using the Publisher. A comprehensive set of professional publishing features makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including letters, invoices, statements, product catalogs and more.

Data Models

Whether you’re looking to create professional communications or want to delve into the insights that BI analysis provides, you must start with good data. Data Modeler features a visual, logical, and easy –to-use interface. Users can easily connect to any data source and quickly generate a uniform output to power the dynamic document generation and BI activities that business today demands.

Advanced Data Visualization Dashboards

Gain insight and perform analysis on any data using the intuitive visualizations and powerful algorithms that come with BI Architect. Powerful dashboard design features enable users to design custom dashboards to successfully glean powerful insights from enterprise data and make use of the interpretation, analysis, and prediction that make business intelligence so powerful.


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