Teaming Up To Meet Demands

Our Solution Providers combine industry expertise and local knowledge with Ecrion’s technology to bring the best possible solutions to market around the globe.

Featured Solution Providers

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Cognity is the Digital Enabler of the leading Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Retail organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. Cognity employs globally-leading digital solutions, best practices, and top talent to deliver seamless and unique customer experiences across channels – both digital and physical. Due to Cognity’s long-standing relationships, it has become the Trusted Partner of major organizations in its key IT, BSS, and OSS projects, enabling its Digital Transformation. Ecrion is a main solution in Cognity’s digital solutions portfolio, enabling its clients to provide modern, omni-channel customer communications that make a difference.

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Doc4, based in the Netherlands, provides services and software solutions for more comprehensive orchestration of automated document generation and distribution, with track and trace, resource usages, SLA monitoring, error disclosures and much more. Process management is becoming increasingly complex due to the growing number of customer communication channels – from traditionally printed letters, direct mailing and email to social media, chatbots and WhatsApp. By using Doc4’s Compass Suite software tool in combination with Ecrion’s platform, these customer communication processes can be fully automated achieving faster and efficient output and document processing within organizations. It reduces administrative burden and manual handling and gives more insight into any errors and changes in all documents and files, as well as full control of all customer communication processes. Doc4 is Ecrion’s implementation partner in Northwestern Europe.
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Exímia specializes in solutions and services for mission-critical, printed, or electronic communications with expertise in financial, telecommunications, security, credit cards, and utilities. Since 2001, it has been working with a high level of knowledge in technology solutions for document processing, composition, and custom formatting. Exímia provides Brazilian customers and partners a comprehensive set of solutions that simplify processes to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve the effectiveness of communication across multiple delivery channels.

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CommuForce, a digital services company, helps its clients transform their customer experiences through a unique consulting-driven approach. CommuServe©, CommuForce’s digital communication hub, is a solution based on microservices architecture that helps organizations strengthen their digital experiences across the customer journey. It helps organizations modernize their omni-channel experience while leveraging their legacy assets with minimal business disruption. The solution is based on cognitive and robotic automation principles intertwined with industry standard frameworks. It enables organizations to optimize their processes, reduce their costs, and achieve business agility in a scalable and compliant way. The solution empowers organizations to create and enhance customer engagement consistently across channels.

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With its software platform Semeion, Meninx helps many different types of organizations to automate their day-to-day document management challenges and improve their customer relationships by making their collaboration and communication processes faster, easier, more efficient, more user-friendly, and more secure

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EOH Digital Platoon

EOH Digital Platoon, a wholly owned business unit within EOH, is a highly skilled technical team with a customer-centric and design focus. Its business practices are strongly influenced by a core belief that skills development is the key ingredient for the economic success of South Africa. The company believes that EOH is a best fit, proudly South African, partner and ideally positioned to collaborate with Ecrion. EOH is a multi-faceted partner capable of delivering thought leadership and domain expertise, as well as harnessing extensive experience in similar solution deployments.

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For more than a decade, EquiSoft has been offering business consulting and software solutions designed to reflect your company’s business strategy. EquiSoft’s team of professionals offer you the highest level of service and expertise, which in turn leads to the realization and implementation of a solution that fits your strategic vision.


TriPartum offers a unique managed end-to-end service around the strategy, development, and implementation of a customer communication document strategy for companies looking to outsource their requirements. It combines the elements of business analysis, document content effectiveness, data integration, and a hosted service to create cost-effective and targeted communication solutions in a multi-channel environment.

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FERA provides design, installation, development, documentation, and project management services for enterprise software solutions. FERA also offers deep industry-specific applications and suites, engineered for speed, using ground-breaking technology that delivers a rich user experience.

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Intellidea IT Solutions

Intellidea IT Solutions understands that businesses need quality, well-planned IT systems to prevent downtime. They develop reliable, long-term IT solutions which limit ongoing and unnecessary expenses associated with “quick fix” products. They plan with their clients and go the extra step to ensure that IT systems they create keep up with the needs of growing businesses.