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Individualized Communications at Scale

Customer Loyalty via the Human Touch

Customers today value experience. They stay with their providers if they enjoy them, and quickly switch if they don’t. They are also willing to pay a premium for better interactions with a company. PWC research establishes that the most important component of the customer experience is the “Human Touch.”

Specifically, they state it is imperative that companies create better customer experiences by making technology and interactions feel more human. Research from both PWC and Pure360 show that many personalization efforts miss the mark in this regard, demonstrating the need for better personalized communications.

For over fifteen years, Ecrion’s Customer Communications Management solutions have set the standard for natural personalization at both the small and vary large scales. Ecrion software enables organizations in a broad range of industries to leverage existing customer knowledge appropriately, communicate with customers in the manner they prefer, provide engaging self-service capabilities, and ultimately build a loyal and growing customer base.

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How to Personalize Customer Communications Using Ecrion’s CCM Platform

A single, modular platform, Ecrion provides all-in-one capabilities to maintain customer preferences, track and consider past interactions, empower customers with digital experience layers, and communicate with customers on their terms. Find out how to personalize customer communications with Ecrion:

The Benefits of Personalized Communications

Organizations today can’t meet the ever-changing individual needs of each of their customers without personalized communications. The customer’s perception and expectations of a service or product have rapidly evolvedin recent years digital transformation or artificial intelligence are just few already common practices companies employ in order to keep up with all these changes. Customer communicationsare no longer seen as arid transactions, and companies must deliver them on the terms the clients have set, in order to make them feel connected and loyal to their brand. Here nine essential benefits that come with personalizingcommunication, and tailoring them to your customers’ needs:

Live up to the customers’ expectations by offering them a tailor-madeexperience.

Make each customer feel important and build a genuine connection.

Reduce call center demands by offering interactive self-service.

Enable customers to voice their concerns and adapt services/products accordingly.

Increase engagement by adding a human touch to communications.

Make communications more efficient for customers by using interactive documents.

Personalized communications encourage engagement,boosting sale rates and revenue.

Empower customers to build their ownself-customized interactions with your company.

Increase retention by giving personalized offers to loyal customers, motivating them to stay.

Ecrion Enables Stronger Customer Connections

Organizations worldwide produce personalized communications with Ecrion’s customer communications management software to enhance their customer experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with high volume customer communications. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries ensure compliance with corporate branding and legal standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

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