Personalized Communications

Communicate with customers on their terms


Individualized Communications at Scale

Customer Loyalty via the Human Touch

Customers today value experience. They stay with their providers if they enjoy them, and quickly switch if they don’t. They are also willing to pay a premium for better interactions with a company. PWC research establishes that the most important component of the customer experience is the “Human Touch.” Specifically, they state it is imperative that companies create better customer experiences by making technology and interactions feel more human. Research from both PWC and Pure360 show that many personalization efforts miss the mark in this regard, demonstrating the need for better personalized communications.

For over fifteen years, Ecrion’s Customer Communications Management solutions have set the standard for natural personalization at both the small and vary large scales. Ecrion software enables organizations in a broad range of industries to leverage existing customer knowledge appropriately, communicate with customers in the manner they prefer, provide engaging self-service capabilities, and ultimately build a loyal and growing customer base.

A single, modular platform, Ecrion provides all-in-one capabilities to maintain customer preferences, track and consider past interactions, empower customers with digital experience layers, and communicate with customers on their terms.

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Digital Experiences and Self-Service

Interact with customers on the device and at the time of their choosing. Provide forms and access to documents automatically optimized for the screen in use. Display statements, the status or support tickets or claims, and usage or account analytics. Empower customers to update their own preferences and tailor their experience.

Customer Preferences

Build powerful, emotional connections with customers.  Empower consumers to define their own experience and communication choices. Maintain preferences such as language, channel (including print, email, text message, online interactive documents, and more), and tone (casual or formal). Generate and distribute personalized communications based on those preferences as well as customer history, including past communications and purchases.

Language, Tone and Template

Allow customers to select their preferred template format for statements, bills, and other data-rich communications. Send communications in the language each customer prefers, regardless of character set or format (e.g. arabic). Ensure visually impaired customers receive accessible documents. Correspond with customers in the formal or casual tone they prefer.

Individualized Messages

Send mail, email, text messages and other communications targeted to individual customers based on flexible criteria such as purchase history, spend, account age, account activity, demographics and more. Include relevant, individualized data and analytics specific to each recipient. Humanize communications while reaching audiences both large and small.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Engage customers with true multi-channel communications. Enable customers to select the communication method(s) they desire: traditional print, a host of electronic delivery channels, or a combination of the two. Deliver, in real-time, the same communication optimized for each specific device (phone, tablet, PC) that may access it. Ensure continuity of conversation as customers move from one device to another.

Ecrion Enables Stronger Customer Connections

Organizations worldwide produce personalized communications with Ecrion’s customer communications management software to enhance their customer experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with high volume customer communications. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries ensure compliance with corporate branding and legal standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

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