Personalizing Customer Communications Brings Business Success

personalizing customer communications

Be honest with yourself for just a second – would you rather a business refer to you by name, or as an account number? If you would rather receive a document by email, does it frustrate you that the business only ever sends out documents in the mail? Personalizing customer communications is one of the best ways for your company to increase customer satisfaction which, in turn, leads to success.

Personalization is a major component of customer communications management. Being able to follow along the customer journey is important, but actually knowing your customers and providing them with what they want is the cornerstone of better customer communications.

The value of customer experience continues to grow year after year, and if your company isn’t prepared to meet the needs of your customers, you could soon be looking for new customers. For consumers, customer experience will become more important than price and product by 2020.1 Are you ready?

Increase Customer Satisfaction

personalizing customer communicationsPersonalizing customer communications doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think. Granted, it’s more daunting if your company is using an outdated solution, or if you’ve created a hodgepodge of different solutions all trying to work together to create personalized communications.

Your company shouldn’t have to constantly look for some way to create and deliver documents for your customers in order to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. With the right CCM software, your company has the flexibility to pull information from multiple data sources in order to give your customers what they need. This gives you the ability to use not only contact information, but transactional information.

Expand Your Audience by Personalizing Customer Communications

No matter what your company does, there’s a good chance your customers are going to come from all walks of life – from Baby Boomers to millennials to those whom English isn’t their first language. In order to keep all of your customers happy, do you have a solution in place to meet their demands?

Most millennials prefer self-service and digital interaction while many Boomers would rather receive documents in the mail and deal with things in-person. Then there are those who need any correspondence from you to be in the language of their choice.

A solid customer communications management solution for your company should allow for the creation of traditional AND more modern documents using high-volume printing, digital interactions, digital documents delivered through email or SMS, while also providing your customers with interactive documents.

Keep Your Customers Happy with Ecrion

As we’ve said, the right CCM software can make all the difference for your company. With an Ecrion solution, you’ll be able to see that difference almost immediately.

Personalizing customer communications with Ecrion is easy thanks to our customer-centric approach. Our completely scalable software can work with your current solution, or on its own.

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