Powerful Examples of Personalization in Advertising

personalization advertising

If you were able to make your average customer transaction rate six times higher than it currently is, how much more would your business be able to accomplish?

What if we told you that, in order to make that happen, the only thing you need to do is personalize your brand’s promotional emails?

Personalization advertising tactics are incredibly effective—but shockingly, about 70% of companies don’t bother to personalize their marketing efforts in any way.


If you’re looking to get ahead of your competitors, make your emails, product suggestions, social media comments, and even print marketing tools personal.

However, the power of personalization is present in much more than just customized marketing alone. In fact, over 3/4 of today’s consumers say that they’re much more likely to do business with brands that personalize not just marketing tactics, but also the entire shopping experience.

How can you personalize websites, customer service/communication, and even documentation requirements?

Read on to learn from these examples of customized marketing and personalized customer service from some of the biggest companies in the world.

Amazon Personalization Strategies

If you’re looking for the perfect example of personalization advertising, then Amazon is certainly the best place to start.

Amazon is perhaps best known for its product suggestions. Based on what you’ve purchased in the past, the e-commerce giant makes recommendations about items you’ll likely also be interested in.

What’s more?

Amazon also lets you know when you’ll need to “refill” or repurchase household items like soaps, air conditioner filters, cleaning supplies, and much more.

They also, of course, send out plenty of personalized marketing emails with exclusive offers and segment their markets through the use of different coupon codes.

Plus, they personalize website interfaces, so that each customer is greeted with a banner showing their name, wish lists, and past purchase history.

Nike Personalization

As if Nike’s world-famous “Swoosh” logo wasn’t recognizable enough, the brand further cemented its reputation in the footwear world with the NIKEiD program.

It allows shoppers to completely build their perfect pair of shoes from the ground up. Buyers can pick the sole that best matches their lifestyle, select color combinations, and even recreate retro styles from the brand’s history.

Plus, the interface itself is sleek, intuitive, and subtly guides shoppers through the customer journey with the ultimate goal of having them hit the “add to cart” button.

How does your website use personalization and customization options to shorten your overall sales cycle and address pain points throughout the customer journey?

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Stich Fix and Wardrobe Customization

Digital personal wardrobe styling company Stich Fix is one of the biggest names in what’s known as “hyper-personalization.”

Stich Fix allows shoppers to connect with personal online stylists and complete surveys/questionnaires about upcoming occasions they need outfits for, their sense of style, the kinds of fabrics they like and don’t like, and even their budget.

Of course, the stylists also collect information about the customer’s size, preferred colors, and much more.

Then, these stylists send them a box each month with a few items of clothing selected based on the customer’s answers. The shoppers can then try on the clothing, keep what they like, and return the things they don’t. Shoppers only pay for items that they end up keeping.

Not only is this an incredible way to harness the power of personalization, but it also gives customers something to look forward to every month.

Care/of and Personalized Vitamins

Personalization is also all about getting to know your customers on a deeper level and providing them with products/services that will directly improve their lives.

Care/of is a company dedicated to providing its customer base with personalized daily vitamins designed to address health issues, fitness goals, and even nutritional gaps.

Similarly to Stitch Fix, shoppers answer questions and fill out surveys about their lifestyle, dietary restrictions and choices, any health conditions they have, and more.

They also clearly explain why they’ve selected certain vitamins for their customers, and allow them to make a change at any time when their health changes.

Coca-Cola and Custom Labeling

Coca-Cola completely mastered the art of personalization in product labeling when they launched their “Share a Coke” campaign back in 2014.

The concept started when the company decided to print some of the most popular first names on their labels in an effort to encourage consumers to buy their products and post them on social media.

The idea took off in a major way, and soon Coke expanded to offering labels with initials, first and last names, and even nicknames like “Better Half,” “Big Sister,” and more. Now, the soda giant plans to add the names of big cities and popular tourist destinations to further increase its reach.

If you haven’t thought about personalizing your product packaging or labeling, maybe now is the right time to start.

Does Your Brand Need Help with Personalization Advertising and Communication?

As you’ve learned from this post, personalization advertising can take your brand incredibly far—and ensure that you have a loyal customer base that’s eager to promote your brand on social media and elsewhere.

Though you love the idea of customization and personalization, you’re not exactly sure where you should start.

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