Ecrion has the fastest XSL-FO formatting engine on the market. It also has the smallest memory footprint as well, giving our customers the power to get as much value as possible out of their document production processes.

Taking on the challenge

Test machine specifications
Dual Intel XEON E5504 (total of 8 cores, 2Ghz)
12 Gb RAM
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 Bit
Ecrion Develop™ 64 Bit

Nested Tables Benchmark

Tables are important layout elements used in large documents like invoices, statements, and product catalogs. It is  mandatory for a rendering engine to be able to process them quickly and with minimum memory consumption. Nested  tables are  even more  difficult  to process because some content can't be discarded until a row's layout is complete.  Engines should be able to do this at  page level because keeping the whole structure in memory will cause the formatting to fail as the number of pages increases.

Total Rendering Time in seconds (less is better):


Peak Memory Usage in MB (less is better):


Multithreaded Rendering Benchmark

This benchmark attempts to render small documents on multiple threads. It tests an engine's ability to handle multiple  simultaneous requests. In  concurrent usage scenarios (like    websites) it is highly desirable to be able to process as   many requests  as possible, in  the shortest time, using as little memory as possible. We've tested all engines by  simulating 10 and 100 simultaneous clients.

Test XSL-FO file:

Generated code:

Generated PDF: Benchmark3.pdf

Total Rendering Time in Seconds (less is better):

Peak Memory Usage Bookmark

Auto Tables Bookmark

Test description: Auto table spanned over 500 pages. Why this is important: This tests an engine's ability to process tables whose layout is set depending on their content. Processing these types of tables will use more system resources due to the extra operations being performed and the need to load the table's contents into memory. An engine must minimize the amount of resources required to perform these extra operations to be able to handle automatic tables in a production environment.

Test XSL-FO files:

Generated PDF: Benchmark4.pdf

Total Rendering Time (Seconds)