Providing The Ultimate User Experience: What You Need To Know About Interactive Document Software

interactive document software

PDF documents are quite popular on both personal and professional levels. They offer the most straightforward format for sharing digital materials such as books and portfolios. However, the standard PDF format seems a bit dull. The need to create better looking documents raises the need to use interactive document software.

Nowadays, people are more attracted to visual content than written materials. By using a customer experience management platform, you increase your customer’s level of engagement. This is unlike standard PDF, which provides minimal multimedia elements and lacks interactivity.

Using interactive software helps you identify your customer’s touch point. Use this information to create customer experience solutions based on their predicted behaviors.

Providing a memorable user experience is essential for acquiring customers. We share what you need to know about interactive document assembly software.

Features of Interactive Document Software

Unlike standard PDF, interactive PDF gives users more interactive elements including;

  • Video files– this feature allows you to insert videos in your document. Make use of editing controls to customize the videos to match your brand colors and style.
  • Hyperlinks– include this feature to allow the reader to navigate the document. This can be another page within the document, another PDF document, or a particular web address. You can include a hyperlink in your PDF documents by doing it from your primary editor.
  • Audio files– interactive PDF allows you to embed audio where a video is not enough. This feature is essential for podcasters and especially when including samples in your portfolio.
  • PDF forms– interactive document allows you to increase customer engagement by including forms within your document. You can easily format these forms to match the style of your document.
  • Photo galleries– standard PDF allows you to include images on your document. On the other hand, the interactive document offers more than that. It will enable you to overlay several images on the same page and include navigation buttons.
  • Buttons– with interactive PDF, you can include navigational buttons. These are useful when creating a portfolio, an educational document, or a brochure. However, both the standard and interactive PDF are opened using a PDF reader.

Ways Interactive Documents Enhances Customer Experience

The recent growth in content marketing and social media use requires that you use CEM software to interact with your clients. You can achieve this level of interaction by using interactive documents. By doing this, you have the following benefits to enjoy;

Increased interactivity

When creating your marketing content, the type of formatting you choose determines the level of interactivity. By using interactive documents, you’re able to provide your prospects with more engaging and informative content. You can use fillable forms to learn more about the needs of your clients.

Capture Customer Attention Using Galleries

Sharing photos of your business products and services give your fans and prospects a better understanding of your business. Interactive PDF allows you to embed galleries in your portfolio, hence, capturing the attention of your readers.

Give Your Documents a Professional Look

When sharing your PDF files, you want to give your readers an impression that you’re a professional at what you do. The best way to achieve this is by ensuring that all your documents have a professional touch. Interactive PDF enables you to accomplish this by allowing you to include stylish buttons, call to action, and rich media within your documents.

Reasons CXM is Important for Your Business

Every business manager understands the need to look for better areas of investment when there are limited time and money. As a customer experience executive, consider investing in customer experience management. Doing this offer the following benefits to your organization;

1. High Conversion Rate

A satisfied customer is more likely to do repeat business with the chances increasing to 40% by the 6th purchase 1. Therefore, focus on designing a customer experience that will create a feedback life-cycle. When doing this, emphasize on building better customer relationships than generating revenues.

Applying this concept to new clients will further help you increase your conversions. Instead of treating your new prospects as a sales point, make your campaigns more about creating interactions and offering value. Good relationship your prospects will eventually turn them into long-term customers.

2. Improves Engagement with Clients

Customers tend to trust a business they already know. Using interactive CEM software helps you to encourage this interaction further.

You can create a direct interaction with your customers on social media or through email marketing. Through this interaction, you’ll learn about the needs of your customers. With this understanding, you can design services that meet these requirements.

3. Help in Crisis Management

Customers use an interactive customer experience management platform to air their complaints and views about your organization. As a result, your customers develop more trust in your business. Use the information gathered to maintain the reputation of your brand without causing public indignation.

4. Attract More Customers to Your Business

When you offer exceptional customer experience, you increase the chances that your customers will refer you to their friends. This is the same as mouth marketing, which today has changed a lot with the popularity of social media and digital marketing. Roughly 92% of customers 2 trust referrals from people they know.

You too can acquire more customers through referral by existing ones. You only need to offer an exceptional customer experience.

5. Cut on Marketing Cost

Applying customer experience approach helps you understand your clients better. You can use this understanding to offer services that match their needs and expectations without having to guess what they need. In the long run, this helps you reduce waste production and potential marketing cost.

Use Interactive Documents to Improve Customer Experience

As you have seen, investing in customer experience management brings a lot of benefits to your business. Using interactive document software helps you understand your customers better.

Other than improving customer experience, interactive documents help you in marketing your content. You can also use them to enhance your brand awareness. If you would like any help in creating interactive documents, feel free to contact us.

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