Engage audiences with documents generated dynamically from any data source.

Incorporate barcodes, charts, and movies, or create interactive BI stories. It is document design for a new age in communications!

Visually compelling & 100% dynamic

EOS Publisher is a professional layout design application for the creation of dynamic documents and reports. It is designed to simplify the process of creating professional communications that captivate internal and external audiences alike.  Using an Office-like interface, users can type text just like in a word processor while adding dynamic content. Publisher supports dynamic fields and tables, conditional sections, and even conditional formatting. Dynamic barcodes, charts, maps, and graphs can help create documents personalized to the target audience.

Publishing features

Traditional professional publishing support is provided in Publisher by complex page layout and pagination features, a complete color model (RGB, ICC, CMYK and spot colors) and advanced typesetting control for all major languages including Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic. The publisher can use font kerning information and all fonts will be embedded in the final output for consistent display.
All major graphic formats including PNG, TIFF, JPEG, SVG, PDF or EPS/Postscript can be used in the generated outputs.

High-volume ready

Templates designed in Publisher are processed in live production environments using the EOS Platform. Over 20 output formats can be generated, including PDF, Word, Powerpoint, HTML, TIFF, AFP, and Postscript in high volume, at rates of up to 100 million pages per day. Multiple documents can be merged into one, and huge print files with thousands of statements can also be generated.