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Your personal, guided tour will include how to:

  • Generate and deliver monthly statements, invoices, letters, contracts, catalogs, and more that combine transactional data and customer preferences.
  • Produce up to 100 million pages per day with this highly scalable mass volume solution.
  • Efficiently target traditional (PDF, email, print) and modern (tablet, mobile, etc.) delivery channels simultaneously.
  • Automate your correspondence creation from dynamic data while still providing the ability to create one-offs, and perform ad-hoc editing on the fly prior to sending to customers.
  • Trigger document production processes whenever specific conditions are met, such as an online request made by a customer or particular changes within the data.
  • Transform flat, traditional documents into living communications.
  • Create interactive statements that customers can use to dictate custom views and drill down into activity.
  • Deliver a valuable experience for users while also gathering information about customer behavior and trends.