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Whether en masse or on-the-fly, the Ecrion platform makes it easy to produce and deliver personalized customer correspondence.

Automatic, But Personalized

A fully integrated customer communication management solution gives your team the flexibility to deliver a full range of automated and personal correspondence. Correspondence can be created in batch, on demand, or interactively. The Ecrion platform can automatically populate documents for each customer and incorporate their individual preferences so they receive the correspondence they need in their preferred format and channel.


Customer data and customer preferences are incorporated automatically for a more personalized conversation. Our solution tracks how customers read your electronic correspondence, giving you a 360-degree view of your interactions with them. See the whole picture and give the customers what they want.

In Control     

Set your correspondence in motion by allowing the Ecrion platform to implement future actions automatically, or allowing for manual intervention. Automatically complete review and approval processes, update contact information, add new versions, and much more. You can be in total control of every correspondence.


Whether it be regulation driven or simply a best practice, letters, quotes, and other types of correspondence often require accompanying documents. The Ecrion platform makes all appropriate supplemental documents available, eliminating the risk associated with remembering what needs to be included.

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Ecrion Converse is a Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform that helps business line managers oversee the entire document production and distribution flow in a company. Ecrion Converse empowers collaboration and reduces errors associated with production of high-volume personalized documents.
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