Digital Forms

A Straightforward Approach to Information Exchange and Document Creation

Focus on acquiring and retaining the most profitable customers. Incorporate intelligence directly into your customer documents with our state-of-the-art approach on customer communications management that provides an adaptable and interactive user experience.

Empower Your Customers

Effective communication requires conversation rather than broadcast. Instead of asking customers to fill out and send paper forms, empower them to submit forms electronically, on any device. With digital forms, your organization can provide a smooth, secure, fully-validated customer experience that engages and satisfies. Users get a live preview of the document, exactly what will appear in front of your customer, as you are filling out a digital form. Seeing how your customer-facing documents look in real-time significantly prevents errors. Letters and contracts receive electronic and digital signatures, pass through a streamlined review and approval process to ensure quality and security in your final documents.

Key Benefits of a Digital Forms Platform

Customer Empowerment

Empower your customers through self-service while reducing the strain on your support team. Self-service can be plugged into your current ecosystem and will build customer engagement and satisfaction by allowing them to receive what they want, when they want it, and what channel they wish to receive it.

Real-Time Preview

With digital forms, your organization’s customers can view documents in real time, meaning the front-facing document is updated live. As soon data is submitted, your customers have it instantly.


Reduce risk and ensure on-target messaging by approving correspondence before it goes out to the customer. Checks and balances ensure compliance and regulations are met and maintained. Error-free contracts and billing are key.

Review and Approval

Control data quality and cleanliness by setting up approval and review based upon role. The business department can take control of the content and layout, allowing you to focus on data integrity and control.

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Deliver personal and relevant communications across print and digital media channels that are engaging and scalable. Leverage your existing infrastructure investment to deliver a consistent brand experience across the different touchpoints that can build trust and boost loyalty over the entire customer lifecycle.

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