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The Ecrion platform offers complete functionality for generating and distributing customer communications in a completely hands-free, automated manner.

Right Documents, Right Now

There are thousands of parameters that dictate what documents are required, when they must be delivered, and through what channel they should be sent. Whether it’s on-the-spot production or batch runs at day’s end, the Ecrion platform can integrate triggers so that it automatically generates and distributes appropriate communications in any of 20+ output formats, in real time or at any other moment when a designated action occurs.

Track and Record

The only real constant in business is change; regulations change, standards change, procedures change, preferences change. With the Ecrion platform, changes to documents can be managed in a singular location so you don’t have to worry about keeping up manually. Any changes you or your customers make to communications can be captured and automatically updated to any databases, documents, or systems that are affected, and even generate a confirmation.

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Reduce Errors

Humans make mistakes, and errors are costly. Automation greatly reduces exposure to risk by removing the human element from processes that are prone to mistakes, such as updating contact information en masse or ensuring the latest version of compliant documents are distributed appropriately. With the Ecrion platform, you can be sure the correct assets are delivered accurately and consistently, and that the right information is collected and validated.


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Ecrion Converse is a Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform that helps business line managers oversee the entire document production and distribution flow in a company. Ecrion Converse empowers collaboration and reduces errors associated with production of high-volume personalized documents.
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