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The Ecrion platform provides unique capabilities to generate both traditional and electronic statements, invoices, and other communications on a large scale with speed, accuracy, and ease.

Top Scalability

Scalability for any size business is provided out of the box by the best performing, public-standards based publishing engine in the world. The Ecrion platform has enough performance to create up to 100 million pages per day on a single box with built-in load distribution and failover. The entire document production process is driven dynamically from transactional data.

Reach Your Customers

With the explosion of mobile devices and social media, the trend to shift to electronic forms of delivery has become more important than ever. User preferences are used in the Ecrion platform to generate and send multi-channel outputs in 20+ formats and reach customers in print, email, SMS, and mobile. Documents can be interactive, in multiple languages, and personalized to further connect with customers and promote loyalty, retention, and advocacy.

Extract Value

Traditionally, transactional document production has been considered a cost center activity; sending statements and invoices is simply the price of doing business. Transpromo technologies introduced the idea of extracting value from these documents by inserting targeted promotions according to the transactions included in a particular statement. But what if more than one offer applies? The Ecrion platform takes a better approach by incorporating intelligence into the selection and deployment process to ensure the most effective message is presented every time.


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Ecrion Converse is a Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform that helps business line managers oversee the entire document production and distribution flow in a company. Ecrion Converse empowers collaboration and reduces errors associated with production of high-volume personalized documents.
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