Logistics and Transportation

Resource-Saving CCM Platform for the Efficient, Large-Scale Production
and Management of Critical Documents

Create a Logistically Well-Oiled Machine

At Ecrion, we understand the need to make logistics easier through the efficient and cost-effective production of accurate, detailed, and specific shipping and customer documents. Even a small amount of time reduction per document generated amounts to a sizable cumulative savings. Customer communications management solutions help logistics and transportation companies worldwide address efficiency challenges with intuitive features that automate processes for better productivity.

Time is Money

Keeping products and people moving is a primary outward objective of today’s logistics and transportation organizations. Keeping internal processes, such as customer document production, efficient and moving forward is a primary internal concern. The balance between generating high volumes of effective internal and external communications and productive use of resources can be a struggle as logistics organizations seek to service global clients while keeping costs reasonable.

Efficient Solutions for Customer Document Generation

Productive CCM solutions provide the resource-efficient answer to high-volume and multifaceted communication demands. Logistics organizations can generate complex and varying shipping, billing, and informative communications while reducing operational costs using effective CCM solutions.

Customer Spotlight

The Department of Labor and Industry for Washington State is a government entity dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of its state workers. Ecrion has been a key technology component in delivering process automation for the Structured Settlements business unit within the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, and has accounted for a
25-percent time savings for their attorney staff, which provides them more time to focus on the “knowledge labor” aspect of their jobs. This enabled a better ability to focus on injured workers and provide the best service possible.

Key Benefits of the Ecrion Platform for Logistics and Transportation Companies

Sample Gallery

Purchase Order Letter

Here is an example of a purchase order letter that previews the live user input along with transactional data retrieved from back-end data systems.

Insurance Policy

Reduce the complexity of filing a digital insurance policy, and speed up the process with lookup fields and conditional content.

Portfolio Analysis

See how this interactive portfolio analysis report allows customers to drill-down, sort, and filter their data in real time. PDF can be generated at any time.

Smart Explanation of Benefits

This digital Explanation of Benefits, adapts to mobile, tablet, or PC devices. It empowers customers by providing self-services abilities and reduces call center workload.

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