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The Ecrion platform provides unsurpassed features to help businesses deliver personalized communications and genuinely connect with their customers on any device.

Omni-channel Delivery

Today’s consumers access products and services through a variety of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Being able to start interacting on one device and continue the experience on another is a typical example of a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Omni-channel delivery views transactions through the eyes of the customer experience as they move across all platforms and channels in a seamless, integrated, and consistent manner. With so many different devices and platforms being used today, many organizations have started to invest heavily in their omni-channel presence.

The Ecrion platform is the only CCM solution able to deliver, on the spot, the same document optimized for the particular device (phone, tablet, PC) that is being used to access the document. The Ecrion platform makes it easy to reduce the complexity associated with omni-channel presence by using the same communications templates for both traditional distribution channels such as print and fax, as well as modern channels including the web, email, SMS, and social media.


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Ecrion Converse is a Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform that helps business line managers oversee the entire document production and distribution flow in a company. Ecrion Converse empowers collaboration and reduces errors associated with production of high-volume personalized documents.
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