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Vodafone builds loyalty and satisfaction by offering customers both traditional and next generation documents and delivery channels.

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Efficient and Enticing

Customer communications accomplish several purposes for utility and telecommunications organizations, including driving customer satisfaction and enticing them to adopt paperless forms of communication as businesses seek to be eco-friendly. With millions of customers to look after and an ever-evolving marketplace, the ability to be informative and appealing while building and maintaining customer relationships through agile, multi-channel communications is paramount. Today’s utilities and telecommunications companies face the challenge of trying to find ways to generate accurate, on-demand, complex, and varying customer documents at high volume.

Quantity, Quality, and Speed

To satisfy the needs of millions of customers, today’s utilities and telecommunication organizations are turning to intelligent customer communication management solutions that synchronize the production of millions of customer documents into organized, automated workflows, managing and optimizing the production process from data incorporation to the many outputs and delivery channels customers prefer.

Features and Benefits

CCM solutions suited to the utilities and telecommunication industries make high-volume production of quality, relationship-building customer communications easier and more resource efficient. These technologies allow organizations to save money while producing stunning customer documents.

The Ecrion platform is the ideal platform for efficiently generating high-volume, innovative invoices and statements.
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