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The Ecrion platform provides unsurpassed features to help enterprises deliver personalized communications and genuinely connect with their customers.

Document Composition

In this age of automation, it has become quite easy for customers to feel disconnected from businesses. A key deliverable when implementing the Ecrion platform is to provide customers with personalized communications that serve the primary need to deliver information while developing and nurturing long-term, profitable relationships. Document composition is the process of mixing document templates with customer data in order to provide a document that is personal, contains transactional data related to that customer, and is delivered according to their preferences.

Document templates designed in the Ecrion platform allow for the creation of any kind of communication (e.g. invoices, statements, letters, notifications, contracts, brochures, etc.) that presents your brand in a consistent fashion (i.e. visual consistency as well as a coherent message) and engages your customers across multiple touchpoints.


Quickly and easily generate personalized communications on-demand or in an ad-hoc fashion. A letter sent to a customer as a response to an inquiry, or a visit to a branch office prompting a change in a contract are two examples.


Documents are produced in an unattended fashion, whenever requested by an external system, such as when users visit a website and request a quote by clicking a link.


Documents are produced in an unattended fashion, manually, or whenever a certain condition is true. A classic correspondence example is an invoice or statement that is sent out several times per month.


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Ecrion Converse is a Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform that helps business line managers oversee the entire document production and distribution flow in a company. Ecrion Converse empowers collaboration and reduces errors associated with production of high-volume personalized documents.
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