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What is Customer Communications Management?

customer communications management

You’ve probably heard the phrase or acronym many times in meetings. You might have even looked it up on Google to see what it was and got a somewhat rudimentary answer. It seems rather self explanatory though, doesn’t it? Customer communications management … it’s just the management of customer communications. See, easy. Yeah, you know it’s not that simple. So, then, what is customer communications management?

5 Insurance Trends That Have Everything To Do With CCM

insurance trends

When it comes to the insurance industry, changes in technology, business practices, and government regulation mean it’s the year of customer communication.

New platforms are bringing together leading technologies to enhance your business communications processes with a modern standard of efficiency, even optimizing them for regulatory compliance and industry best practices. 

Using Customer Information to Improve Customer Experience

customer experience

The most-savvy organizations are thinking about enterprise data differently and gaining a competitive advantage by combining workflows in different areas. By turning to innovative platforms that integrate advanced reporting and BI visualizations in new and logical ways, Fortune 500 companies are utilizing the same enterprise data to dynamically populate communications and power BI analytics.

Better Customer Communications Creates Better Revenue

better customer communications

While your company looks to attract new customers, it’s wasting potential revenue by not focusing on its current customers. Better customer communications will always lead to more revenue.

The ROI of Customer Communications Management

roi of CCM

Customer Communication Management (CCM) technology is meant to help organizations create, distribute and manage multi- and cross-channel communications for greater customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and lower costs.

What improved efficiencies can your organization realize?