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Why Is Insurance Technology So Important?

insurance technology

In the last few years, the insurance industry has made strides by adopting new technologies. Thanks to the emergence of new technology, such as traffic cameras, self-driving cars, drones, and smart homes, insurance companies are able to collect a mountain of new information they’ve never had before.

This growth comes with its own particular set of challenges, though. As your customers adopt these new technologies, insurance premiums will go down universally. While this might make your customers happy, it ends up shredding your bottom line. Because of this, you need to keep all of the customers you can.

Legacy Systems: Don’t Fear Customer Communications Migration

customer communications migration

Even though you might be filled with dread at the thought of your company migrating to a new customer communications management platform, you know all too well that your organization has to either change with the times, or fall drastically behind your competition. Here’s a secret: sometimes change can be good. In fact, replacing your old, legacy system can actually be relatively painless. That is, if you find the right solution.

5 Statements Your Invoices Make To Customers


The average customer spends up to 5 minutes looking at a bill. During that time, there is value being exchanged. Is everyone getting the value they deserve? Here are five statements your invoices could be making. Read them all to identify any potential pitfalls in your process.

“Less is More” When It Comes to Implementing a CCM Solution

implementing a ccm solution

From a business perspective, an end-to-end Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution allows you to create, generate, and deliver all sorts of personalized documents, millions of copies per day, in dozens of different formats, via all possible electronic or traditional mediums, through the use of a single platform.

Don’t look at the glass as half full, find out why “less is more” when implementing a CCM.

3 Ways to Clearly Communicate Using CCM

communicate using CCM

Clearly defining your customer communication processes can give you clearer communications overall. You can optimize these processes for perfectly targeted, compliant communications.

Quality Customer Communications Management (CCM) is an inside job. It all starts with the people you involve, and whether their strengths are being leveraged. Read to find out how this results in clearer customer communications.

5 Reasons Your Telecom Company Desperately Needs CCM


Poor customer communications will always lead to negative customer experiences, which in turn leads to fewer customers. Let’s take a look at five reasons your telecom company desperately needs a great customer communications management (CCM) solution.

EXPERT INSIDER: Flow and Friction in Customer Communications

customer communications workflows

How well your company’s customer communications workflow works depends on the amount of friction it faces. Added friction means your company isn’t quite the well-oiled machine you think. With the right software in place, you don’t have to worry so much about friction – instead, you can focus on the benefits of having a great customer communications workflow.

When You Have Legacy Systems, Make Lemonade

legacy systems

Leverage Legacy Infrastructure to Deliver Differentiating Customer Experience

A number of us here at Ecrion traveled to the Insurance Nexus Customer Engagement Summit, where our own Paul Schenkel presented on how our communication and engagement solution leverages legacy infrastructure.  He shared three different examples, from three different markets (construction management, health care, and hospitality), where Ecrion’s customers combined our platform with legacy business processes to deliver data-driven and personalized communications in pursuit of customer-centric experiences.