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Craig T. Watkins

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Craig T. Watkins
Ecrion Chief Revenue Officer

I log onto my mobile telephone company’s app and fill out an online form to add a new option to my plan. When done, an updated service contract is assembled into a PDF and emailed to me.

This interaction is certainly part of my Customer Experience with them. And, it was a component of a Digital Experience. This is definitely Customer Communication Management and creating the service contract is Document Automation.

Software providers offer similar form-to-document functionality under all four monikers: Customer Experience Management (CXM), Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Customer Communication Management (CCM), and Document Automation (DA). But each of these offers distinct, additional capabilities. The question becomes, which do you need?

Why choose? These are four highly overlapping sets of functionality, as my cell phone example highlights. A truly effective solution would enable an enterprise to pick the components they need from all four buckets, knowing they work seamlessly together in a single customer experience platform. At Ecrion, we call that Customer Experience Automation.

Before we go much further, let’s take a quick look at some of the core capabilities in each category.

Customer Experience Automation Capabilities

Document Automation

Document Automation includes key capabilities such as:

  • A WYSIWYG visual design tool
  • Scalable rendering of communications in batch, on-demand or interactively
  • Dozens of output formats
  • Assembly of multiple documents into a single packet
  • Omnichannel distribution (both print/mail and electronic formats)
  • Consistent application of regulatory, legal and branding standards to communications
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Customer Communication Management

Customer Communication Management Tools also enable a company to:

  • Maintain & comply with customer preferences (language, tone, format, channel, time of day, etc.)
  • Implement complex communication workflows
  • Track customer engagement levels
  • Employ a 360-degree view of customer interactions
  • Create and distribute interactive communications
  • Deploy multi-device forms for data capture
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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management software adds to CCM, and empowers an enterprise to:

  • Map their customer journeys
  • Automate correspondence and other interactions from predefined mileposts in the journey
  • Identify points of friction and improve the journey real-time in a continuous improvement program
  • Leverage insightful customer analytics and dashboards
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Digital Experience

A Digital Experience Platform combines many of the above capabilities, and provides:

  • Digital interactions for all parties involved
  • Communication orchestration and industry-specific workflows for customer-facing business processes
  • 24×7 customer experiences on the device(s) of their choosing
  • Customer self-service tools
  • Interactive data presentation and data capture from any device
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A Single Customer Experience Platform

As you read through the above, you no doubt can find many ways in which these categories intertwine and overlap.

For example, A policyholder files a claim for storm damage on her home. She may chose to start the claim on her phone, snap some pictures, and then complete the First Notice of Loss process on her laptop. This initiates a complex claims process at what is a critical Moment of Truth for any policyholder. All of the interactions on the various devices, the workflow, communications between many different parties, coupled with self-service status queries and data update tools:

  1. Are a digital experience
  2. Serve as a critical component of an individual’s customer journey
  3. Require extensive customer communications, and
  4. Demand significant document automation tools

Moreover, they must all be flawlessly executed to ensure the best customer experience possible. Sewing together multiple systems is by definition not seamless. There are more moving parts to coordinate and maintain, things break more easily, and capabilities get lost in interfaces and incompatibilities.

Our Solution

At Ecrion, we don’t know how to separate these functions from each other. Our original development team from 2002 went back to the drawing board to design our current 4th generation customer experience platform, and built the single solution to accommodate all of these capabilities and more. It’s highly modular, so you buy and install only what you need, but you have the confidence that whatever pieces you deploy will work together seamlessly. Plus, you can easily turn on more features when you’re ready. And, it’s available either as a multi-tenant SaaS or on-premises solution, so you can put it wherever you want.

If you’re considering a project to automate any component of your customer experience, we’d love to help you–even if it’s just to answer a question or two. Please reach out to us here.

Article originally published on LinkedIn on February 18, 2020

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