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Electric, gas and water customers are environmentally conscious, digitally proficient, have high customer service expectations, and require 24×7 access to account information. Many value detailed usage information and prefer providers who offer self-service capabilities. Accurate, timely and easily understood bills and collections correspondence become the cornerstone of long-term relationships with loyal customers.

Modern utilities know their customers receive a deluge of communications every day, and therefore ensure that every correspondence they send adds value. They embed personalized marketing, outreach and educational messaging in their most frequently sent and often-read documents: monthly statements and bills. Water, electric and gas providers include meaningful charts and analytics such as usage and billing trends over time to engage the consumer, enable self-service and ensure their statements are read each and every month.

Utilities therefore require high-volume, error-free batch generation of statements, bills and collections communications, as well as ad-hoc correspondence pre-populated with customer data generated on-demand. Communications must be rendered for, and distributed via, the medium of choice (electronic or print). To further engage their customers, utility providers create billing correspondence in the language, tone (formal or informal), and even the template of each customer’s choice.

informative bills via utility billing software

Informative Bills

Generate accurate and meaningful statements, bills, and related correspondence for consumers. Send communications in the language, mode (print or electronic), tone, and even template selected by each individual customer. Aggregate multi-service statements into a single correspondence for an improved customer experience and reduced operational costs. Provide clarity by embedding customized statement walk-throughs for each consumer.

Customized Messaging

Where are your customers getting stuck frequently in their on boarding process? What points of friction can you eliminate? What individual activities from your team or your supplier take the longest? Many utility providers are trying to break the status-quo and get more information on how they can make their business run more efficiently.

customized messaging via utility billing software
powerful template designer in utility communication software

Powerful Template Designer

Assemble and control all document templates and assets (including logos, graphics, sub-documents, and more) in a single repository to ensure consistent application across all communications. Reduce the number of templates as well as the time and cost required to manage them. Enable business users with an intuitive interface to build and modify templates, eliminating the need for IT development.

Reliability Built In

Eliminate errors and harden document production capabilities to not only meet the unexpected, but to also consistently deliver high-quality, high-volume bills and collections correspondences day after day. Consult with Ecrion experts to exceed internal expectations and engage customers with personalized, accurate, and context-appropriate communications in real-time. Leverage bill generation software to build a reliable customer experience.

reliability built in utility communication software
embedded analytics via utility communication software

Embedded Analytics

Create interactive bills that empower customers to monitor and control their own utility consumption and costs. Design sorting, filtering and other analytic features directly into statements delivered electronically. Generate documents in all media (print, PDF, email, etc.) with compelling graphs, charts and tables that facilitate self-service, reduce call center costs and build customer satisfaction.

Ecrion Enables Stronger Customer Connections

Companies worldwide leverage bill generation software by Ecrion to enhance their utility customer experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with high volume and on-demand document automation. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries use Ecrion to ensure compliance with corporate branding and regulatory standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers — one at a time.

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