The Need for Modern Utility Billing Solutions

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It can be easy sometimes for utilities to forget that, usually, the only interaction they have with their customers is through the bills they send. What information are you providing, other than how much the customer owes you? With modern utility billing solutions, you not only give a great customer experience, you can save a lot of money.

Whether you’re interacting with a current consumer, or communicating with a potentially new client, the utility customer experience will always be important. Are your customers receiving the very best communications from you? Does your utility billing software allow for a digital experience most customers want today?

Digital Experience Cuts Costs, Keeps Customers Happy

For the longest time, communicating with your customers meant printing out bills and mailing them. If there was an issue, they would call and speak to someone in your call center, but otherwise, that was how it was done.

Today, a majority of your customers want a digital experience that includes receiving communications electronically, as well as the ability to do things themselves. In fact, 69 percent of millennials feel good about themselves when they can solve a problem without contacting customer service.

Modern utility billing solutions provide the digital experiences your customers want. You have the ability to communicate with them via their preferred channel — email, SMS/text messaging, or through postal mail. This reduces the costs associated with printing and mailing utility bills. Plus, it also reduces the strain on your call center, which saves you money.

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Utility Billing Solutions that Give Customers More

If all your billing software does is print out usage and amount due, your customers are missing out.

With up-to-date utility billing solutions, you can give customers a wealth of knowledge. For example, if you’re providing a new service that would help your customer save money, that information can be shared with them. Or, if the software notices a dramatic spike in the amount of water, gas, or electricity used, letting your customer know can be priceless.

Giving your customers more creates a great customer experience. According to Accenture, almost four-fifths of millennials would consider switching energy providers if a seamless experience was not provided, which shows how important the customer experience is for them.

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Finding Reliable Utility Billing Solutions

Many companies claim to have the best utility billing solutions for your company. The fact remains that few have the ability to help your company go from marketing to account creation and transfer/closure, to self-service analytics.

The best utility billing software strengthens customer interactions, curtails print and postal costs, and fosters loyal connections with customers. If your utility still hasn’t moved into the digital age, now’s the time to look for better utility billing solutions.

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