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Utility Correspondence for Improved Customer Experience

Utility Communications for Today’s Consumer

Customer communications preferences vary. Some appreciate when their providers adopt a formal tone, while others prefer informal correspondence. Younger generations favor email and SMS, and others like print. Cultural and technological change require gas, water and electric providers adapt to the new communications preferences of their consumers.

Water works, under increasing budget constraints, undertake extensive customer outreach and education programs to communicate the value of natural resources, the importance of conservation, and the significance of infrastructure investment. Electric retailers, increasingly under competition, differentiate themselves with customer service and online portals with self-service capabilities. Gas providers enable informed consumer decisions by educating customers on power options, cost comparisons and environmental concerns.

Utilities greet these challenges with automated yet personalized customer communications that educate and empower customers. Carefully planned and executed outreach communications, across a variety of devices and media, empower citizens and customers to make the best choices for themselves, their utility and their environment. Account management requires account creation forms, account servicing and service transitions/terminations. Interactive analytics empower customers to research usage statistic and billing trends. Billing and associated correspondence delivered via the customer’s preferred channel improves satisfaction and lowers print and postal costs.

interact with customers via utility CCM software

Interact with Customers

Provide online forms that generate real-time utility documents, including account creation, service transfer and termination of service forms. Create service requests, collection documents, and payment agreements on demand. Send engaging customer education materials. Reduce call center demands by distributing interactive documents with analytics. Support your customers whenever they want, wherever they want, and however they want.

Powerful Template Designer

Assemble and control all document templates and assets (including logos, graphics, sub-documents, and more) in a single repository to ensure consistent application across all communications. Reduce the number of templates as well as the time and costs required to manage them. Enable business users with an intuitive interface to build and modify templates, eliminating the need for IT development.

powerful template designer in utility communication software
utility communication software running 24/7


Provide an easy-to-use interface to capture new and updated account information from customers 24×7. Generate utility and account correspondence as-needed and on-demand regardless of time of day. Allow customers to interact with you when they want and how they want without increasing call-center support costs. Predict when customers require assistance and communicate proactively.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate errors in customer account forms, documents and other correspondence throughout the account lifecycle. Avoid duplicate, error-prone re-entry of critical data elements in sensitive communications. Keep all parties on the same page, including customers, agents and service personnel. Deliver timely and accurate correspondence to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce litigation risk.

reduce risk with utility communication software
improved customer experience via utility communication software

Improved Customer Experience

Communicate with customers how they want, where they want, and when they want. Create powerful correspondence in their language of choice and using the tone (formal, informal) they prefer. Send communications in the mode individual consumers prefer (mail, email, PDF, html, and SMS to name a few). Provide interactive documents and forms that engage customers and enable self-service.

Ecrion Enables Stronger Customer Connections

Utilities worldwide leverage customer communications software by Ecrion to enhance their customer experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with high volume and on-demand document automation. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries use Ecrion software to ensure compliance with corporate branding and regulatory standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers —one at a time.

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