Visual XSL-FO Designer

Advanced document production at scale

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Visually Design XSL-FO Templates

Use drag-and-drop operations in Ecrion Studio to build document templates for high-volume XML to PDF conversion in a visual, WYSIWYG design environment. Software developers and business users alike can get proficient quickly in the Office-style interface and build dynamic invoices, statements, correspondence, and reports, targeted for both traditional print output as well as modern, responsive, next-generation interactive documents. Standard features include support for conditional content (hide or show content depending on data), repeated tables (tables with dynamic rows that span over hundreds of pages), dynamic barcodes, RGB/CMYK/ICC color print support, bookmarks, cross-references, and much more. Advanced users can also have access to standard-compliant XSL-FO content.

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High-Volume XML to PDF Conversion

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Convert XML to PDF, Word, and 20+ output formats using Ecrion, the world’s fastest XML to PDF software solution. Using a familiar user interface, our Visual XSL-FO Designer can help you deliver stunning reports, invoices, statements, letters, and more, without manually coding your document templates. The Ecrion solution is used by system integrators and software developers all over the world to produce and distribute countless documents per day from any data.

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