What Is CCM, and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

what is ccm

If you have ever hung up on a customer service call out of frustration or angst or stopped using a company because of bad service, then you know the commercial benefits to offer good customer support and service. You’ve also already answered the question “what is CCM” then as well.

CCM is the short form of the phrase, customer communications management, and is designed to maintain superior communications between a business and its clients. Today it is used in almost every industry, but has a large focus in banking and manufacturing, because it works.

It is estimated that as many as 67 percent of customers will hang up on an automated system if they can’t reach good customer service. At the same time, if you have one negative customer experience, you’re going to need to provide 12 positive ones in order to compensate for that one unresolved problem.

That is where customer communication management comes in. Discover here the detailed answer to that important question, “what is CCM?” and start bringing the benefits to your team and business.

What is CCM?

CCM is the short-form for customer communications management. But when you are asking “what is CCM” you want to understand it in more depth.

Overall, CCM is a system that allows you to manage your customers and their data and puts the empowerment in their hands for problem-solving with your brand. We’ve all had the experience of poor customer service and hang-ups when customer service or support problems aren’t managed well.

CCM takes the angst out of customer support. You can use it for anything from subscription renewals, correspondence, bill payments and invoices, and a wide variety of documentation needs.

It also puts the power at your customer’s fingertips. If you are able to use a CCM to contact a brand and avoid a lengthy hold process on the phone, you are instantly connecting closer to that brand and more likely to come back to use their products and services.

Imagine if you are about to board a flight on vacation and wanted to check about getting a credit card increase, or add on a travel insurance rider to your health plan. Today, you could do that in a few minutes with a CCM and avoid a phone call that could cost you 15 to 30 minutes.

This helps the business make money and provides a product or service to you as well.

When answering the question “what is CCM” think about what your customers need. Put it all on the CCM portal for them, and begin making all of your lives more efficient.

The banking industry is at the crossroads of this invention. But CCM can be used in any industry that wants to streamline its customer communication today.

Benefits of CCM

The benefits of CCM are obvious. The final answer is efficiency across all channels in business, that benefit both the business and the consumer.

You can streamline the customer support process while also driving efficiency within every department of your brand. You are empowering your employees, and your customers as well.

Not only that, but you will also gain more visibility with your brand as well, and could even attract new customers. When one of your customers receives successful support from the CCM, they are more likely to recommend your brand or business to their friends and family.

How many times have you gotten a bonus or refund or little surprise from a company that went out of their way to improve the negative experience you had?

What was the first thing you did? You told everybody you knew about it.

You can improve all of your customer support needs through one platform when you use CCM. You can eliminate labor resources that may be sucking you dry or systems that are.

At the same time, you can create omnichannel communications in a way that streamlines all processes in your business.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

It is obvious that efficiency and productivity are streamlined when you use CCM. But when you are really wondering “what is CCM” then you can also look to the numbers for confirmation.

It is estimated that approximately half of the business leaders using self-serve or mobile platforms are seeing reductions in business phone inquiries by 39 percent. Further, they are seeing email inquiries reduced by the same amount.

Even better, sales are often improved by as much as 47 percent of businesses and 54 percent are seeing an increase in web traffic.

What this means is that you can not only use CCM to streamline your business and improve productivity, but you can also see an increase in your bottom line when you do.

The numbers don’t lie. When you establish solid CCM for your brand and business, your customers notice.

They can help you improve your business, improve your sales, and even help you get more customers.

Make Every Customer Count

It is a no-brainer that good customer service drives sales, and bad customer service leads a business to lose money. One study noted that social media and social media like tools help, with 33 % of customers saying they would recommend a business that offered fast responses.

In another study, 69 percent of millennials feel good about themselves when they can make a decision or solve a problem without contacting customer service.

And this is where CCM comes in. CCM is the twenty-first-century answer to good customer service and puts power in the hands of the consumer.

When you are asking the question, “What is CCM”, the answer is, it is a tool that helps you to retain customers, and also get new ones.

At the same time, it makes your customers and clients feel empowered to problem solve, while maximizing efficiency for your team and brand, across the board.

Your business can answer the question “What is CCM” by implementing CCM software and making every customer count. With over 121 billion messages delivered, become a forward-thinking company and discover the benefits of Ecrion today for all of your customer communication and engagement needs.

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