Customer Communications Management

There's a very good chance you've heard the term "Customer Communications Management," or CCM for short. You might be asking yourself right now, "What is Customer Communication Management?" In short, Customer Communications Management covers the creation, delivery, storage, and retrieval of documents.

This functionality is at the heart of many CCM platforms, including Ecrion Converse, and enables businesses to deliver all major forms of high-volume, 100 percent-personalized correspondence, which includes letters, contracts, invoices, statements and more.

Ecrion not only leads the way in facilitating conventional conversations, but is also the only platform to integrate intelligence directly into the solution. Using Ecrion Converse, leading organizations around the world are able to provide an omni-channel experience for their customers, engage them in two-way communications, and deliver both traditional and living interactive documents.

Ecrion’s Next-Gen CCM Platform

Ecrion has invested significant research into our next-generation CCM solution. The state-of-the-art software empowers top executives around the world to focus on acquiring and retaining the most profitable customers. This fresh approach on customer communications helps companies differentiate themselves from the competition in front of their customers, reconnect them with the brand, and nurture fruitful relationships.

Top Benefits of Ecrion's CCM Platform

Improve Customer Experience (CX)

Modernize Messages between Businesses
& Customers

Reach New Markets with a Solid CCM Foundation

Deliver both Traditional
& Modern Information

Help Your Business Stand Out

The Ecrion Converse platform is your complete, end-to-end customer communications management (CCM) solution that integrates every single process involved in the creation and omni-channel delivery of professional documents into a smart, unified, and easy to use platform.