What is Customer Experience Management?

what is customer experience

What Is CEM? | Why Do You Need a CEM Solution? | How Will a CEM Platform Help?

Seems like a simple enough question, right? What is Customer Experience Management– or CEM for short? The customer experience is paramount in any industry. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. Again, simple. But what is customer experience management?

A happy and engaged customer is one who will stay with your company longer, spend more, and help you gain new customers through word of mouth. If you provide a poor customer experience, you won’t have many customers for long. In fact, 44 percent of customers take their business to the competition due to a poor customer experience1.

What is Customer Experience Management?

In its essences, Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a way to follow your customers in real-time along the customer journey using customer experience software. A solid CEM solution will help your organization measure how customers are interacting with your business and anticipate their needs in any touchpoint.

Why Do You Need a Customer Experience Management Solution?

Your company provides a service to your customers. While the expression, ‘The customer is always right,’ is a bit cliché, there is some truth to it. This is especially true when you’re searching for more information about what is customer experience.

Many customers still prefer paper documents, but a majority have come to expect a more digital approach. In order to provide an excellent customer experience, your company will need to provide customers with what they want, which includes things such as:

  • Always being available, 24/7, anytime, anywhere;
  • On any device – mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc.;
  • With messaging personalized for them;
  • While giving them self-service capabilities through various means.

Easy, right? Having a CEM solution in place gives your company the flexibility to handle these demands easily and in a timely fashion so you provide a great customer experience. Digital Transformation initiatives must include the Customer Experience as the driving principle.

How Will a Customer Experience Management Platform Help?

Imagine having to handle each one of these demands separately. Half of your employees would be running around non-stop every day. A solid CEM platform takes away that burden so your employees can do what they were hired to do.

For example, the Customer Experience Management platform helps with those moments of truth, when a customer might have a complaint or an issue that needs to be addressed quickly. A CEM platform helps to remove any friction that might come up, providing a smooth customer experience when it really matters.

Interactive documents are another valuable asset that makes things easier for you while keeping your customers happy. Interactive documents allow customers to fill out digital forms or PDFs that are catered to their individual wants and needs. While they receive a great customer experience, the best CEM solution will allow you to follow along and see their choices as they choose them.

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What Are Dynamic, Interactive Documents?

When documents connect with your data systems, it opens up a new plane of interactivity between you and your customers. Dynamic documents leverage this in every way, giving you the ability to deliver communications according to all of their needs and preferences.