What is next for Customer Engagement?

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How Will Customers Interact with Businesses in the Next Decade? | What Are Businesses Looking for?

Florin Vasilian

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Florin Vasilian
Chief Executive Officer

Back in May, we sat down to plan the next iteration of our Customer Engagement platform, and oh boy: did we have a lot to take into consideration! Customer Engagement is such a rapidly evolving field that it took a while to sort through the hundreds of new features that were being considered.

We are now almost halfway through our release cycle and it is time to take a reality check to see if we are aligned with what we believe will be the key factors that drive customer engagement in the near future.

How will customers interact with businesses in the next decade?
What will they be looking for?


Businesses tend to overcomplicate things because, well, it’s not always simple to provide a service or a product. Customers don’t exactly love that, because it usually means that they need to spend extra time understanding the product and making choices that they wouldn’t normally consider making. There are thousands of articles on the internet that helps you deal with a difficult customer. But there are only a few that help you deal with a difficult product.

We wanted to make sure that we can provide ways for businesses to offer complicated products and services as simple and straightforward as possible. Eliminating friction is crucial, just as much as communicating promptly and providing relevant information. The next version of our product provides the ability to deliver digital experiences that are in line with customer expectations for streamlined interactions.


Businesses try to be really consistent in how they approach their customers. Unfortunately, however, consistency is hard to achieve because many organizations interact with customers through multiple systems, and some of these are already obsolete. In addition, operating across systems is really difficult and time-consuming, which in turn makes it hard to be responsive to customer needs. On the other hand, customers become increasingly frustrated when they encounter inconsistencies, such as having to pick up the phone because a service is not available online or being forced to use the mobile app because the website is outdated.

We wanted to make this process evolutionary. The next version of the Ecrion platform builds upon the existing framework to make adoption even easier, with out-of-the-box integration with many popular systems.


In reality, customers are in many ways ahead of businesses when it comes to communication and engagement. New ways of communicating have a ripple effect through the industries, with business scrambling to catch up and implement new technologies that may become obsolete in a decade.

Which is why Ecrion has now support for extensibility through apps. This support goes to the very core of the platform, allowing organizations to build apps in Ecrion that deliver on the latest engagement trends without sacrificing consistency in communications, workflows, or strategy. We look forward to the first round of apps to be released onwww.ecrion.com before the end of September 2019.

At the same time, we’ve heard from many businesses that are leading digital transformation efforts with some very interesting requests.

What are businesses looking for?


We are fortunate to work with many Fortune 500 companies. These are leading organizations that genuinely care about their customers and are looking to deliver that WOW factor that everybody loves! Many have identified the touchpoints that need improvements with digital interactions high on the priority list.

Ecrion is committed to help deliver great experiences that make it easy for an organization to differentiate in the eyes of their customers. In the latest version of our platform, Apps and Digital Experiences are part of this effort, providing an authentic “Ecrion blend” of knowledge, timely execution and personalization. The end result is a big boost in customer engagement with a relatively low cost of implementation.


Long term planning has started to take root in many organizations. The scope of customer engagement has broadened as well, and we are now looking at the customer journey not only through the lens of marketing but expanding the perspective to include operations and business development. Many companies are now hiring dedicated Customer Engagement Managers. They are tasked to plan and execute strategies that cultivate and manage customer engagement, promote customer success and provide strategic recommendations.

The new release of the Ecrion platform provides new tools that help them orchestrate engagement as well as define success metrics and key performance indicators. We are also working to provide executive reports that track progress against these goals.

At Ecrion, we find Customer Engagement really exciting because it has the potential to improve the lives of customers while making enterprises more productive and profitable. We are taking the responsibility to deliver the best Customer Engagement platform really seriously – please follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for updates.

Article originally published on LinkedIn on September 19, 2019