XF Designer is an intuitive, high-performance application used to design dynamically-populated professional documents that can be generated using any formatting engine. 

Powerful features

XF Designer is a visual, 100% dynamic document layout template creator equipped with advanced functionality to make the production of vibrant, professional documents as easy as possible. XF Designer features both drag and drop and text/code editing interfaces to accommodate technical and non-technical users alike. Features include conditional logic and formatting support, repeating sections, dynamic barcodes, charts, maps, and graphs, multilanguage support, and much more!

Built for flexibility

The XF Designer is a standalone design application that can be used to export XSL and XSL-FO, so that templates can be formatted for any rendering engine. Because most rendering engines are not advanced enough to handle the full functionality of XF Designer, it comes standard with the External Engine Module (EEM), which is specifically designed to help users properly remove unsupported components and configure the XF Designer and its features to any XSL-FO compatible rendering engine.

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Ecrion Design Studio provides next-generation template design features for the creation of interactive communications.

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